Q. What is the feature on naminoue guranpia?
A. It is close to an airport or the Naha street, and be in a convenient place.

Q. Is a guarantor required?
A. Although it is guarantor needlessness, obtain the copy of a driver’s license certificate or an insurance certificate.

Q. Is the Internet seen?
A. Equipment of the Internet light circuit and the cable circuit is ready, and immediately usable.

Q. Is cancellation possible?
A. Please offer even three days ago.

Q. Is extension possible?
A. Please tell us extension a little early in the case of hope.
It may refuse according to an empty situation.

Q. Is there any parking lot?
A. A large-sized parking lot is in front of this building.
It is in-and-out freedom for 500 yen per day.

Q. How much are fuel and light prices?
A. Although contained in the charge, when an electricity bill exceeds 10,000 yen for one month,I charge separately fuel and light prices (electricity, gas, and water service).