Short stay apartment in Naha Okinawa Granpia Naminoue

It is the best place for sight seeing of Okinawa. Short stay apartment that has an automatically lockable door. You can feel a resort that can go to a beach 5 minutes by walk.

New service

You can stay not only for a week but for a day!!
New service

It had started to be available to use FREE Fiber-Optic Internet!!
It is 6 minutes in Naha Airport to a car. The center and kumoji of Naha are also on foot within the circle. It is the optimal place to the base of sightseeing or business.

那覇のマンスリーマンションIt is about 6 minutes in a taxi by course about Naha Airport to an undersea tunnel. Even if he walks by bus taxi for 5 minutes to KUMOJI with an international passage or a monorail “Kenchou-mae” station, it is 15~20 minutes, and on foot within the circle. It is a weekly mansion of location convenient as a base of Okinawa stay.

With [ focused on safe ] an automatically lockable interphone

沖縄のマンスリーマンションAn apartment entrance is with automatically locking and a security camera. Since the interphone is also installed indoors, the direction of advanced age and female persons can also stay in comfort.

The location from which a jogging becomes a daily lesson to a beach every morning.

沖縄のマンスリーマンションThe Naha only beach “NAMINOUE beach” is on foot 3 minutes. The location which is not rash even in Naha that resort feeling can also be experienced in a city area. that of an apartment for it is NAMINOUE Uehashi who runs along a park and the sea the upper Shinto shrine of a wave, and near the beach, and a walk and the optimal point for jogging trails — a large number.

Stay is possible immediately with a kitchen, a household appliance, furnitur

沖縄のマンスリーマンションHome electronics and sets of kitchen articles, such as a refrigerator, a microwave oven, and a washing machine. Full equipment, such as furniture, such as an air-conditioner, a bed, television, a table, a desk, and a chair, and a life article. A bus toilet exception, a kitchen, the comfortable room with a veranda.
The fully equipped Internet light circuit equipment. The environment where it can live in the preliminary inspection and the search for the room of a business trip, a business bachelor, and the Okinawa migration immediately is ready.

With a reward and no deposit with landlord! A lengthier stay is also freely with a monthly.

Since it is a weekly mansion, moving in is possible without a reward and a deposit with landlord immediately. You can use for stay for several one week~months freely. Furthermore, as new service, the use from the 1st is also possible. You can use like a hotel. Please [ stay / of the travel to Okinawa ]. The first floor of the apartment is a shop for divers, and the other side is a large-sized parking lot of receipts-and-payments freedom for 500 yen per day. Close, a NAMINOUE driving school etc. are. The environment where Okinawa stay can be enjoyed fully is ready.

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ウイークリーマンション プラン
Weekly mansion 1week of 32,000 yen~
マンスリーマンション プラン
Monthly apartment 1month of 90,000 yen~
賃貸マンション プラン
Lease with equipment 1month of 60,000 yen~

The weekly mansion near [ in Okinawa and Naha ] a beach!!
Weekly mansion & monthly apartment in Naha in Okinawa They are cheap accommodations.

In the day on which the beach could go in on foot 3 minutes and which cleared up from Our weekly mansion accommodations, it is KERAMA islands can be seen. The scene from which the setting sun in fine weather or thin cloudy weather falls the East China Sea under its view at a horizon is a mystical spectacle. it is also possible to carry out monthly stay with a low charge, and to go to a car and a motorbike driving school to serve also as sightseeing it is .

ダイビングショップIn a shop for divers, the building 1F (weekly mansion monthly apartment) is guided kindly [ can use for a pro’s divers from a beginner and / a pro’s staff ] carefully. It gives.

孔子廟near a naminoue guranpia top — Confucius’s Mausoleum (mausoleum which deifies a Confucianism founder and Confucius by the philosopher of ancient China who explained the way of life as Confucius’s Mausoleum people, and the social ideal), and a NAMINOUE Shinto shrine (being located on the heights which overlook Naha Port in the shrine in Naha-shi, Okinawa — what — loved as Mr.nanmin.) it is recognized by Miya of Shin-ichi Ryukyu from the No.1 Miya meeting of the country by one of eight companies of the Ryukyu. etc. — it is emotion It drifts. rows of houses that there is each religion institution, Naha is used and there is a historical building etc. companies of the Ryukyu. etc. — it is emotion It drifts. rows of houses that there is each religion institution, Naha is used and there is a historical building etc.

Close a NAMINOUE beach and the Wakasa beach are, and it is large prosperity in sea bathing or an event in summer. The off-season of a winter season also looks at the sea, and is popular as a healing spot of the heart. Moreover, the Wakasa park also adjoins and both children and adults can enjoy themselves. Moreover, amusement facilities are close and it takes a walk. He could enjoy himself by carrying out.



沖縄那覇移住airport passes along the park front. It is Naha Port seaside road which escapes from an undersea tunnel from an airport in the case of coming [ weekly mansion / Our ],and starts the sea. The panorama view of the East China Sea can see looking at the sea of both sides passing along a coastal road way. Eyes are delighted with recent years in a port — a foreign large-sized luxury liner adjoins frequently.


孔子廟 Confucius’s Mausoleum
It is on foot 1 minute from a naminoue guranpia top. Confucius’s present Mausoleum will relocate to tennsonnbiyou Marks in 1975. The precincts of a temple are wonderful space which Mausoleum of tenson and tenpiguu, and Confucius’s Mausoleum of Taoism are located in a line, and lives together. The gate of Confucius’s Mausoleum opens only the day of “syakuten and cough Empty” which is Confucius’s birthday on September 28 every year. The tourist has always inspected the inside of the yard.

Fuzhou garden
It is on foot 10 minutes from a naminoue guranpia top. It will complete as a 10th anniversary enterprise of the Naha Fuzhou friendship city conclusion in 1992. The scenic spot “uzan , Karasuyama uzan , and heizan(if compelled heizan)” in Fuzhou, and “a white tower and a crow tower” “binkoukou (scenes, such as bottle binkoukou”, are adopted.) It is business about perspective, such as a pond, yamataki and planting, and sculpture. The scene which was is attractive.

ベッテルハイム居宅跡Bettelheim Dwelling site
It is on foot 5 minutes from a naminoue guranpia top. British missionary Bettelheim lands with a family, stops at Ryukyu during eight years, and will develop propagation activities in 1864. Ryukyu is what is been a country of ancient times to Confucianism, and Royal family admonished against contact with residents severely. Deployment adjoins Confucius’s Mausoleum now.