The flow of moving in

About subscription
First, a name, an address, and a telephone number (contact) mail address are inputted. either of the stay types is chosen
– weekly
– either of the lease with monthly
– equipment selection click
please input the date of scheduled stay after that.Demand Please write something to ask and check down in a apartment.
Please push a confirmation screen, if entry and selection of an input indispensable part end, again, there should be no error in entry, or after a check, push a transmitting button and complete.
If e-mail is delivered, it will be vacant from a apartment, a situation will be checked, and the reply difference will have been carried out. The above is how to advance reservation.
When it does not understand about reservation form, I have also granted reservation by telephone.


About use

  • The purpose of use is restricted to stay temporarily.
  • Carrying in of carrying in and the dangerous object of furniture is prohibition.
  • Please carry out cancellation leaving, when noise and a bad smell come out.
  • Although it is each guarantor needlessness, the copy of a driver’s license certificate or a health certificate is obtained.
  • Indoor fixtures and change are prohibition.
  • It cannot carry into the pet interior of a room.
  • Please clean the room at the time of leaving.
  • An additional charge is obtained when there is use more than the number.

About cancellation

  • Please give me cancellation even three days ago fundamentally.
  • Since a halfway cancellation does not repay, either, the charge should understand it.

About extension of a contract

  • Those who wish to extend need to inform a little early. It may refuse according to an empty situation.
  • A charge is prepayment also when extended.