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Thank you very much for accessing a reservation page.
Those who wish to reserve need to write down necessary information in the following form, and need to apply to it.
I automatic-reply-do mail of the application receptionist to a visitor's mail address.

* In stay for less than one week, you reserve in a , and please enter stay days in
I e-mail-reply-do the estimate re-calculated by return.

Since an application may not be made when not delivering e-mail, it is inform addressing.
An empty situation is checked after an application here and connection is given again.

必須Your Name  
Postcode A postal code number is found out.
  1. All prefectures
  2. Cities, wards, towns, and villages
  3. address
Telephone number
必須Mail address
必須confirm mail address
stay type
  • Weekly
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  • Six months or more
  • One year or more
total price

* Please ask separately the person of the lease (six months or more) application with equipment.

必須reserved date
必須sending confirm