Granpia Naminoue
On the Okinawa weekly mansion naminoue guranpia It is a rental car company which recommends.

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Okinawa rental car of Okinawa To the Naha office, it is a free courtesy car and is 3 minutes.


okinawa rental car Inc.
Representative director Aizawa Eiichi
Postcode 901-0155
4-2-1, Kanagusuku, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken
Business hours: AM8:00~PM8:00
Traffic:It is a car from Naha Airport and is 3 minutes.
It is on foot 1 minute from station oroku yuireru.
I free-welcome-and-send-off-do.

Toll-free dial
It can reserve for free also from a mobile phone and PHS.

It reserves by e-mail.
Please transmit toE-mail formafter filling in necessary information.

It reserves by FAX.
After [ 098-859-2053 ] filling in necessary information,
the PDF file here is downloaded and, please until send.


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